Happy Birthday: Betty Boop

On Aug 09, 1930 Betty Boop splashed into American pop culture as a petite curvy human-like flapper. Boop was created by Max Fleischer who also produced Popeye and Superman.  The Sunday church hat wearing woman in me tells me Betty did more damage then good because cartoons are children’s first impressions and hyper sexual Betty was after all, a cartoon. Think about it, Marilyn Monroe was a six year-old when Betty Boop appeared on television screens across America and some would say the troubled stars image was crafted like Betty’s. But there is the logical side of me that says, ‘So what?’ Children don’t become what they see on TV. We can’t ignore that some people appreciate their sexuality and have no qualms about expressing that in the way of dress.  Betty represents one side of the sexuality spectrum; lipstick red and leather black.  Cheers to Betty for looking damn good (for a cartoon) after all these years. 80 to be exact.

What do you think of the character Betty Boop?


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  1. Karari Kue says:

    I personally feel Betty Boop was a needed reaction and reflection of the times. Yes, she is a highly sexualized character. However, she was the star in her own right; something that was not common for a female character.

    In a sense, she represents that one step forward, one step back dance that many oppressed people have had to deal with.

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