Obama Featured on Anti-Abortion Ad

Anti-abortion ad featuring the profile of President Barack Obama. Image taken from Life Always.
Gaylon Alcaraz, executive director of the Chicago Abortion Fund (CAF), talks about the controversial anti-abortion billboards featuring Obama’s image in a predominantly African-American Chicago neighborhood.

The Chicago neighborhood of Englewood was in the news this week after a shooting left 11 people injured. As if that wasn’t enough – also this week – Englewood was the community of choice by a Texas anti-abortion group called Life Always, to post billboards that feature President Obama’s profile with the slogan: Every 21 minutes our next possible leader is aborted. A group of protesters were at the site Tuesday to condemn the controversial ads.

For more information go to www.ChicagoAbortionFund.com


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  1. scared of gov. says:

    Black women should trust in God All-Mighty. Abortion is murder and it HURTS black women. Abortion has never made anyones life better.

  2. Abortion is a difficult but sometimes neccesary decision that many women of all races have to face at certain times and situations in their lives, judging and condemning women for this hard choice will not help matters. We must try to respect a person’s decision about their bodies and their lives while at the same time helping them to educate and empower themselves in order to make a better decision in their future. God is loving and understanding, and if he can forgive and not judge, so should we.

  3. angelica says:

    I beleive in the simple fact that it’s my body my choice. if YOU believe in God then believe in the free will and freedom of choice that he gave all of us including me! Freedom of choice isn’t just for the bible thumping SELF-righteous that will lose no sleep when MY life gets complicated by a pregnancy neither I nor society are ready to bear. If you believe in heaven and God believe that god thanks me and women like me for saving a child’s soul from the unnecessary evils that “man’s” worldliness has made of a once paradise earth. Believe in good instead of bad and in the power of personal choice.
    This sign should be in beverly hills or lincoln park or by rush and division with a pic of paris hilton stating every 21 minutes our next paparazzi ready trixie is aborted. Or shit be real, put a pic of an inmate or an abused child that was fucked over by the red tape of the system — thats PRO-EGO eeerrrr i mean prolife.
    people worry about too much and procreation is overrated.

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