LGBT Immigrant Rights Community Forum on Ustream

#LGBT #Immigration Forum w/@RepMikeQuigley & @LuisGutierrez 9/27 (VIDEO) RT via @garciaemmanuel

Part 1

Video streaming by Ustream
Invite from the LGBTQ Immigrant Rights Coalition

Part 2

Video streaming by Ustream

“Chicago’s LGBTQ Immigrant Rights Coalition invites you to our first Immigrant Rights Community Forum With Rep. Luis Gutierrez & Rep. Mike Quigley, Hosted by Mona Noriega, Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Human Relations, long time LGBT activist and co-founder of Amigas Latinas

This is an opportunity for immigrant rights advocates, community members, representatives of LGBT institutions, members of faith-based organizations, and anyone interested in the intersection between the LGBT community and immigration policy, to ask their representatives about the political landscape in Washington D.C. As the Congressmen head back to the capitol, this will also be their chance to hear from LGBT people affected by immigration policy and to consider the questions, concerns, and priorities of community members.

The LGBTQ Immigrant Rights Coalition is made up of institutions that serve the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people. We advocates for immigration legislation and public policy that respects human and civil rights and is inclusive LGBTQ individuals and same-sex couples.”

Follow the LGBTQ Immigrant Rights Coalition on Twitter @ImmLGBT


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