Pozolada 2011

Every love affair has a beginning, a first date. My love for Pros Arts Studio (PAS) started in March 2011 when my friend Adriana Gallardo invited me to attend PAS annual fund-raiser Pozolada. Now as a newbie board member to the board of directors at PAS, I’m thrilled to invite you to Pozolada & Holiday Tianguis!

Here are the ingredients to this festive event.

1. Pozole Mania: Verdes, rojos, vegetarian, con pollo, con carne de puerco – you name it – it’s here.

2. Bowls: Hand made clay bowls by youth, volunteers, teaching artists, staff and board members like me! Every adult guest takes one bowl home (while supplies last – so come early).

3. Open Bar: Yeah, so a little red wine helps make all the hominy go down a little smoother.

4. (((Sonorama))): I could dedicate a whole post about this duo, but if you haven’t heard them play, this is your chance. One word, Boogaloo!

5. Holiday Tianquis: An opportunity to purchase socially conscience gifts – hand-made by talented PAS youth, teaching artists and community artists.

6. The Secret Ingredient: I’m going to share with you what our secret ingredient is and how it makes our event, not only one of a kind, but so successful. You. You eating pozole, drinking some red, doing a little shimmy on the dance floor; meeting people who are also passionate about empowering youth through free art programs.

Buy your tickets here

Pros Arts Studio Presents: Pozolada & Holiday Tianguis

Community Clay Bowl Making Nights


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