Puerto Rican LGBT Activist Shares Moment with Ricky Martin

LGBT activist, Pedro Julio Serrano, shares a moment backstage with singer and Broadway star, Ricky Martin. Serrano has been in celebratory mode this week, he recently celebrated his 18th anniversary of being diagnosed HIV positive. The highly anticipated broadway production of Evita opens April 5, 2012.

Pedro Julio Serrano posted this picture on his Facebook page:

“Que mejor que celebrar el Dia Internacional del Teatro en Broadway viendo la magistral presentacion en Evita del querido amigo y hermano, nuestro Ricky Martin!”

 — with Pedro Julio Serrano.

“What better way to celebrate World Theatre Day on Broadway watching the magical presentation of Evita with my dear friend and brother, our Ricky Martin!” – Pedro


This isn’t the first time the two have met. 
Pedro Julio Serrano and Ricky Martin in March 2011. Photo: Pedro Julio Serrano

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  1. Rachel Lapp says:

    All the best to Pedro Julio and Ricky!

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