AIDS: Pedro Zamora at 40

I contributed a story on Latino AIDS activist, Pedro Zamora for Windy City Times  – AIDS @ 30 series. 

Pedro Zamora was a huge influence on my young adult life and I am honored to highlight his legacy as part of this project. 

The AIDS at 30 series was nominated for a 2012 GLAAD award for  Outstanding Newspaper Article.

“There is not one second of my day that I am not aware that I am HIV-positive. I don’t want to forget that I have AIDS and I don’t want you to forget that I have AIDS. You have to understand AIDS is part of my life. It’s my reality. It’s who I am.” – Pedro Zamora

You can read the story here: 

AIDS: Pedro Zamora at 40 by Emmanuel Garcia 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. pinkagendist says:

    Fantastic article- and what a stunning face Pedro had.

    1. Thank you! His eyes / eyebrows. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

      1. pinkagendist says:

        Bet he could stop anyone in their tracks! 😉

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